centred on a natural and rational development of every
student's abilities and on the teaching experience of the
many master teachers of the past centuries.

My students learn to understand music and their
instrument, its repertoire and its technique. I aim to
develop the whole person, not only the "playing abilities".
Everyone is able to understand principles of Harmony
and Improvisation within a short time period.

I teach technique in the same way as the great masters of
past generations have done, by improvising and playing
with the instrument's possibilities. So music transforms
into a kind of language, a language in which you can
communicate your feelings and thoughts.

The repertoire is mainly classical, but what you learn will
be your own choice, whether Early Music, Classical,
Romantic, Modern, song accompaniment, improvisation.
Through my holistic method you will learn how to better concentrate, work more efficiently, relax
your body, achieve your goals. Your playing will develop naturally and without problems.

I teach at all levels from beginners to advanced students and even professionals because I love the
whole of the pianistic possibilities. That is also why I continue practising and playing in public,
because Music is not only my profession, but also my passion.
Over the past twenty years I have developed different teaching methods,