About me
I was an assistant organist at the age of fifteen and the
principal organist in a main church at eighteen. During
that time, I gained extensive experience as a chamber
musician, vocal coach and choir conductor.

When I left school I went to Business School but
continued all my musical activities. Although I had
already been teaching for some time, it was during this
period that I discovered my passion for passing on what I
had learned.

I went to the Music University in Vienna to study piano
and musical pedagogy properly and after only three years
graduated with distinction. After that I remained in
Vienna for private studies and teaching.

There followed many years in Northern Germany, where
I worked as a pianist, organist, independent piano teacher
and church musician. I was a lecturer for piano and piano
pedagogy in Hamburg and I pursued my organ studies at
the Academy of Ancient Music in Bremen, working on the
most marvellous historical organs in Germany.
In 2001 my family and I moved back to Austria. Since 2005 I am teaching in Vienna again. My
pupils have come from all over the world; from China, USA, Brazil, Korea, Canada, and from
various European countries. I have also taught  master courses in Austria, Germany, South Korea
and Brazil.

For me, teaching is a fascinating experience. Many of my students have been busy professionals,
doctors, lawyers and scientists, seeking a break to renew their piano skills or to learn piano for the
first time. Some are music students seeking special orientation concerning their learning methods
and interpretational approach. Many remain with me for a long time, extending their musical

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I was born in a São Paulo, Brazil, where I studied piano, organ and
composition with some of the leading teachers in the country